BREAKING: Armed man ‘shot dead by police’ after ‘driving into pedestrians’ in Westminster

    • Man shot by police as he tries to access Palace of Westminster
    • Car crashes into fence, hitting people before stabbing officer
    • At least three gunshots heard by witnesses
    • Vehicle then ploughs into pedestrians, leaving ‘dozen injured

    A major security alert is under way at the Houses of Parliament after a man was shot by police as he tried to gain entry to the Palace of Westminster.

    Witnesses described seeing a car crash into the perimeter fence on Westminster Bridge, hitting pedestrians, before the driver ran towards police officers guarding parliament.

    Onlookers said a man armed with a knife had attacked police officers at the gate before being shot. One police officer has been stabbed.

    At least three shots were heard and people described seeing two people laid on the ground.

    There were reports that a car ploughed into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge just before the incident leaving up to a dozen injured.