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‘There’s NO clamour here!’ Key backbench Tory committee chair says party backs PM


THE CHAIRMAN of the 1922 Committee has claimed the Prime Minister has the support of Conservative backbenchers and there will not be another leadership election.

Graham Brady, who represents Conservative backbenchers, said he did not see “any clamour from my colleagues” for another leadership vote.

Mr Brady claimed he thought the Conservatives were in a “position to proceed” after they lost their majority in the General Election.

Speaking to Sky News, the Chairman of the 1922 Committee suggested the backbenchers are still backing the Prime Minister.

He said: “I think what we are addressing at the moment to need to cope with the reality of this parliament and make things work to try and supply a government for the country and a good responsible government.

“I don’t see any clamour out there for another general election, certainly, I don’t see any clamour from my colleagues for a leadership election.

“I think we are in a position to proceed.”

Theresa May has come under pressure to resign after the Conservative’s lost their majority in the House of Commons.

Last night a petition against the Tory-DUP pact was gaining momentum, having been signed by more than 500,000 people in just 12 hours.

The Prime Minister has been in contact with the Democratic Unionists Party to prop up the Conservatives.

Mrs May will meet with Tory backbenchers today to discuss the Party’s future, which is dependent on 10 DUP MP’s backing the Tories.

Mr Brady added: “I think everything needs to be looked at but we shouldn’t get carried away.

“Clearly the Labour Party was contesting the election with a policy on the EU that was broadly the same as the Conservative Party’s policy.

“We both want frictionless free trade, we both accepted that we had to leave the single market in order to have control over our borders and to have controlled levels of migration.

“There are very few substantive differences and 82, 83 per cent of people voted for one of those two parties.”

In a leaked WhatsApp message to colleagues, Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary urged Conservative MPs to unite behind Theresa May and called for “calm”.

He wrote: “We have got to stop the narrative that Corbyn somehow won this thing – he barely did better than Gordon useless Brown when we beat him in 2010.”