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‘A damning indictment of her premiership’ Owen Jones rages as Theresa May over Grenfell


OWEN Jones lashed out at Theresa May and fellow politicians for “ignoring” the pleas of the “vilified” working class who lived at Grenfell Tower.

The prominent columnist blasted the Prime Minister’s response to the deadly block blaze, which police are now presuming claimed at least 58 lives.

He said it was a “damning indictment of her entire premiership” after she initially failed to meet victims of the fire in west London.

She was later heckled by members of the public yelling “shame on you” and “coward” when she met victims on Friday following the fire, which broke out in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

He told Sky News the whole disaster was a “damning indictment of the sort of society we live in”.

He said: “The people who live in that tower are working class people many of them are from migrant, minority backgrounds and they’re the sorts of people in this country who have been systematically ignored by our media and by politicians, and worse than that – vilified.

“The sorts of people that live on council estates and on tower blocks – when they appear at all in the media or talked about by politicians, it’s in the most pejorative way possible.

“So when they spent year after year after year on the internet, on a blog, publicly pleading with the local authority, pointing out the repeated huge safety problems, warning that a catastrophic fire was going to happen, they warned explicitly over and over again.

“This was not a natural disaster, this was not a disaster that fell out of the sky.”

He argued wealthy people living in “luxury flats” would not have suffered the same fate.

“Working class people people from minority backgrounds are ignored or vilified to the extent that when they plead with the authorities to stop them dying in a fire they are ignored,” he said.

“And if they were residents of a luxury flat… would they have been ignored for all those years? Of course, they wouldn’t.”

The passionate rant comes after Damian Green defended Mrs May and insisted she was “distraught” over the fire.

The First Secretary of State told Radio 4: “She is distraught by what happened as we all are… absolutely she has the same degree of sympathy and horror at these events that we all have.”