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Grenfell Tower: Survivors ‘sleep rough, given £10 a day & moved HUNDREDS of miles away’


CHAOTIC relief efforts at Grenfell Tower continued as survivors are reportedly being rehoused hundreds of miles away, being given £10 per a day to live on some are now having to sleep rough, according to reports. Farhia Yusuf and her family have been sleeping rough on blankets in the shadow of Grenfell Tower without hot water.Ms Yusuf said: “We have had no communication — we don’t have hot water. We don’t have heating, we don’t have electricity. We are living in darkness.

People are grieving, there are so many volunteers but where are the council?”One man claimed his neighbour was sent to live in an old people’s home against his will and another has been moved 225 miles away in Preston. He said: “We’re really worried. They’re putting pressure on people.

If you don’t accept their offer they are making people intentionally homeless.”Eleanor Kelly, representing the new Grenfell Fire Response Team, said: “While the emergency and local community response was nothing short of heroic, we know that the initial response was simply not good enough on the ground.”Newly elected Kensington MP Emma Dent Coad said survivors were being given £10 per day to live on and that the situation must be rectified. The Labour MP said: “I have been told that some people who have lost their homes have been sent out of borough and are being given only £10 per day subsistence.“If this is accurate it must be addressed without delay.”An investigation by The Times found that Kensington and Chelsea council spent £39.8 million on local authority housing last year despite receiving £55 million in rents and other charges.

It follows calls by Jeremy Corbyn for survivors to occupy the empty homes in Kensington and Chelsea.The Labour leader said: “Occupy it, compulsory purchase it, requisition it – there’s a lot of things you can do.“In an emergency, you have to bring all assets to the table in order to deal with that crisis and that’s what I think we should be doing in this case.”