Home News Socialist militant groups planning ‘day of rage’ when Theresa May forms Government

Socialist militant groups planning ‘day of rage’ when Theresa May forms Government


LEFT-WING campaigners have called for a “day of rage” to coincide with this week’s Queen’s Speech as outrage grows over the Grenfell Tower blaze that led to the deaths of at least 58 people. Residents and campaigners have demanded answers over the horrific fire, with the fears the death toll could reach as many as 100.Fliers promoting the event have been handed out in Piccadilly Circus today and a Facebook group has been set up for the event on June 21.

Protesters have been told to meet at Shepherds Bush Green at 1pm before marching en masse nearly five miles to the Houses of Parliament. The massive show of unity and anger is set to coincide with the State Opening of Parliament and Queen’s speech – which takes place at 11.30am.Antonia Bright, a member of the SOAS Students’ Union and one of the event’s organisers, told The Sunday Telegraph: “You have to ask what does it take to make this Government stand up and listen? “This is about justice for everyone, I would expect people from all strands to be there.” Calls for a mass protest came to a head after angry demonstrations outside Kensington Town Hall on Friday afternoon escalated into violence, as relatives and friends of those feared dead in the Grenfell fire forced their way into the building.Several of the protesters, which also included left-wing campaigners, carried banners reading “The Tories have blood on their hands” and “Kick Theresa May out of Downing Street”.Questions remain over inferno after it emerged there were no sprinklers or a communal alarm in Grenfell Tower. Cladding installed on the building during a recent refurbishment has also been suspected of playing a role in accelerating the flames.It has also emerged that community groups had repeatedly warned authorities over the fire risk in the 24-storey tower which housed 120 flats long.Firefighters continue to painstaking searching the building flat-by-flat as part of efforts to establish a more accurate picture of how many perished in the blaze.. 00FastNews. New source of news.