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Theresa May can have ’soft Brexit but must accept free movement’ German minister says


EAGER EU officials have offered Theresa May a soft Brexit as they are worried her weakened position will ruin negotiations but it must involve the free movement of people, the German Foreign minister declared. An EU negotiator said: “It is the greatest uncertainty as we begin.

Will the Prime Minister still be there at key decision moments over the summer?“A weak Government like this increases the risk of there being no deal at the end of the process. We do not want to be the ones making the situation more difficult.”Mr Gabriel said some within the EU are angry about Mrs May’s decision to hold a snap election as it has ended up creating a “difficult, even impossible situation, without clear majorities and clear negotiation strategy”.

Mr Gabriel, a close ally of Angela Merkel added: “Here, those who created such chaos would have long since gone. We will negotiate fairly, and fair means that we want to keep the British as close as possible to the EU but never at the price that we divide the remaining 27 EU states.”He claimed the UK would have to allow free movement to access the single market but did say the EU are willing to reduce the jurisdiction of EU judges in Britain.He offed the concession of “a joint court that is staffed by Europeans and Britons which in principle follows the decisions of the European Court of Justice”.

A potential stumbling block in Brexit negotiations is whether a unique customs deal can be made to prevent a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Irish republic.A diplomatic source said: “Doing a deal on Ireland and preserving the Good Friday agreement might be the way the Government quietly changes direction with a new agreement that will also be the template for the wider one with the EU.” It follows reports that David Davis, the Brexit Secretary, will call for “a deal like no other in history” as he heads into talks with the EU.Mr Davis said there was a “long road ahead” but predicted a “deep and special partnership”