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‘Spinning lies!’ Nadhim Zahawi shreds Labour MP in heated clash over Grenfell Tower


‘Spinning lies!’ Nadhim Zahawi shreds Labour MP in heated clash over Grenfell Tower

NADHIM ZAHAWI accused the Labour Party of “spinning lies” as he clashed with a Labour MP over the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

Chris Williamson, the Labour Party MP, criticised the Nadhim Zahawi, as the pair rowed over failures with the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

Speaking on BBC’s Daily Politics, Mr Zahawi reiterated the importance in waiting until the report was back following the fire, but was angered by parties attempting to take advantage of the blaze for political gain.

Mr Williamson said housing needed to go back into the power of local authorities as he argued that if “rich people” were living in the tower block they would have had the “sprinkler system”.

When asked if the politician wanted all houses to go under the power of the local authority, Mr Williamson said: “Absolutely.”

He added: “If this was run by the council I think the chances of this sort of horrendous tragedy [wouldn’t happen].

“When they were run by the local authority we saw decent investment going into our public housing and we didn’t have the housing crisis that we now have across our country.

“As I keep saying, what we have seen particular under the Conservatives, is a culture where they look at public services and they say, ‘how can we make money out of that’ and if they can’t make money out of it, they want to close it down.”

Mr Zahawi was left fuming by the Labour politicians remarks insisting they were not true.

He said: “Absolutely not, that’s just not true. And this is the sort of ugly part of this tragedy.

“People are going out and actually spinning lies to suit their political aims.

“People have the right to be angry.”

The Conservative MP then turned directly to Mr Williamson targeting the Labour Party manifesto in the lead up to the recent election.

He said: “Chris, your manifesto was to nationalise everything.”

During the exchange, the Labour MP accused the Tory of “living in a bubble”.

The pair continued to shout over each other as the host, Jo Coburn tried to interrupt.

The Labour MP continued insisting that “nobody was saying spend everything” as Mr Zahawi continued raging.

Mr Zahawi finished: “There is nothing moral or decent about a crashing economy.”