Home News Jeremy Corbyn ‘would be dangerous’ as Prime Minister, warns former Labour MP

Jeremy Corbyn ‘would be dangerous’ as Prime Minister, warns former Labour MP


JEREMY CORBYN “would be dangerous” if he was given the keys to Downing Street, according to a former Labour MP. Simon Danczuk, former MP for Rochdale, insisted he prefers Theresa May as Prime Minister over the Labour Party leader.The controversial ex-politician, speaking to talkRADIO, claimed Mr Corbyn’s popularity has “peaked” and is still not enough for him to win a general election.

When asked whether he’d rather have Mrs May or Mr Corbyn as Prime Minister, Mr Danczuk said: “Theresa May undoubtedly. “She’s somebody I’ve worked with in Parliament and I do rate her in terms of being a smart, strong politician.

“She’s absolute failure in terms of running a general election campaign, but she’s not daft and you want the country to be run well, and I think Corbyn would be dangerous in Downing Street.”Mr Corbyn and his Labour Party allies have threatened to oust Mrs May from Downing Street ever since she failed to secure a Commons majority.

The Labour leader while speaking alongside Glastonbury organiser Michael Eavis revealed he could hold the keys to power within as little as “six months”, something opinion polls seem to agree with.YouGov – who correctly predicted the outcome of the general election – found 43 per cent of the British public agree a socialist government make Britain a better place to live, compared to just 36 per cent who thought the opposite.

Despite the polling seemingly favouring the Labour leader, Mr Danczuk insisted he has “peaked” and will not be able to add to his support in another general election. He added: “Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party peaked in that election and still lost.“I think we will see it gradually slide backwards and he will have problems as leader.“He’s been on a high since the general election even though he lost it, and I don’t think that is going to last.”.