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‘We CAN call the shots!’ Diplomat hits back at team Juncker and predicts golden UK future


BRITAIN can dictate the terms on which it wants to leave the European Union and is destined for a brighter economic future whilst the bloc descends into navel gazing protectionism after Brexit, a top diplomat has said. They came as a senior advisor to Brussels boss Jean-Claude Juncker ridiculed the British negotiating team, saying they did “not really understand how the EU works” and would have to accept being pushed around by eurocrats who “will call most of the shots”.

EU officials have repeatedly looked to talk down Britain’s prospects of securing a decent Brexit settlement, aided and abetted by gloomy Remain backing politicians on the domestic front. But Mr Hill, who has represented the UK across the world, said that once “freed” from the constraints of EU membership the country would flourish by creating new global trading links.

The experienced diplomat predicted Britain will probably leave without securing an agreement with the other 27 member states but said this would be a bigger problem for them than for the UK. He said: “Ignore the doom watchers. Forget all the threats. No member state has quit the EU – until now – we can decide the rules. The people voted to end our membership. “I have no doubt that during the two years transition period the continentals will do their utmost to dream up all sorts of unpaid bills and financial claims backed by EU courts. “The UK should not hand over a penny unless we regard it as a legitimate financial obligation.

My impression of the EU tactics is that they just want our money, lots of it, convinced they can get away with promises in return.“Their demands are absurd, deliberately impossible for any British government to accept. As the two year deadline approaches, my gut feeling is that large holes will be shot through the EU fortress wall.” Mr Hill listed a huge number of economic advantages from Brexit, ranging from regaining controls of fishing waters to losing EU imposed tariffs on goods coming into the UK from outside Europe. The top diplomat said being able to buy and sell on the world stage at prices undistorted by Brussels would create a “domestic boom” for the British economy which could lead to a doubling of manufacturing output.

He said: “Free of the EC’s meddling in our affairs and economy, Britain becomes a very different country, the long retreat from empire with a defeatist elite ‘managing decline’ soon forgotten.“Britain’s trade will closely reflect the global economy with less and less with Europe, perhaps only twenty per cent, the remainder with the rest of the world. “There will be a recovery of the British shipping industry and merchant fleet as traditional trading patterns resume after a gap of forty years. This may happen quite quickly.“Within a decade after Brexit quite possibly the British Isles will overtake Germany as the fourth largest economy on the planet.

This country will become much closer to the United States and our Commonwealth Allies.  And in a broadside at Brussels he added: “We should focus less on the EU who will accommodate Russia and more on the security of our Commonwealth and other trading partners. “Moreover, the centrist EU will become ever more protectionist and regulate against new ideas and technologies such gm crops and global internet commerce within the EEA.”Mr Hill predicted leaving the bloc will “”dramatically lower the cost of everything in the UK” and said European economies were far more dependent on Britain than vice-versa. He also said Brexit could lead to a new hi-tech revolution, because “freed from EU restrictions creative people will be able to design and manufacture new products under a new regime of UK standards”.

The diplomat concluded: “UK exporters must look for new markets outside Europe as a matter of urgent strategy. At present our trade in goods with the EU is a mess that’s out of control.“Europe will doubtless survive without us – we won’t survive unless we break free from the EU which resembles an economic octopus sucking the life out of a still healthy economy.”